We're Making Some Changes...

People stayed home, so we shifted our emphasis to high performance residential cushions. Since high end cushions are expensive, it makes sense to make them better-- last longer.

Fabric Matters

1. Sunbrella solution dyed acrylic is a must-- it will last in most weather extremes for at least 5 years-- some customers get 20.

Fully Reversible Cushions Last Longer

2. All cushions are modified to FULLY REVERSIBLE-- flipping the cushion to the other side makes them last longer-- we use a loop/ velcro tie system that allows you to tie the seat and back cushions to siderail. Started doing this 40 years ago...much more practical than sewing ties to a rear or bottom seam that precludes reversal.

Thread Matters

3. Seams should last as long as the fabric-- we use the same thread used on bullet proof vests- GORE UV Teflon thread. It is expensive, hard on machinery and a detail that most manufacturers ignore. Calling cushions "High End" does not make them HIGH PERFORMANCE.

We Don't Like Hinges and This Is Why...

4. We prefer independent seats and backs...old fashioned hinged cushions are dirt catchers, water traps and a good place for spiders to hide...good example is Classico original chaise lounge...the hinge in the seat cushion should be eliminated.

Stronger Sew Patterns

5. Seams/ sew pattern-- the strongest sew pattern is bullnose because there are no seams at the front of the cushion to break or tear...double piping can be at the side of the cushion-- see reference photo HERE on the OW Lee official homepage for main photo of Classico collection.

Made in the USA

6. Made in the USA-- we named our company "Pro Cushions USA" for a reason...USA quality is harder to find year after year. "Copy cats" are everywhere-- even locally you find sources attempting to copy our business model which entails:

  • Fully reversible cushions
  • GORE UV Teflon thread
  • Custom/ stronger sew patterns
  • Avoid knock off sources/ imitators...know who you are dealing with-- imposters are everywhere-- they not only have our web content and quality standards that have been plagiarized many times-- one source attempted to plagiarize the "leereplacementcushions.com" entire website a few years ago.

 We have a great deal of respect for OW Lee cushions and applaud them for maintaining production in the USA, we just add some HIGH PERFORMANCE options to some already great cushions.

We Focus on Brands we are familiar with and usually have templates-- making cushions from just measurements does not replicate original quality of foam, tie placement, sew pattern and density/ resiliency of the cushion.

Brands we generally make include...

  • OW Lee replacement cushions
  • Brown Jordan replacement cushions
  • Mallin replacement cushions
  • Tropitone replacement cushions
  • Hanamint replacement cushions

All are modified to our high performance versions.